Donšt miss the short films - We have grouped them together for variety. They are intriquing, visually beautiful, funny, thought-provoking gems to be discovered. And, of course, the music is wonderful - These films have been presented and have won awards in festivals all over - Donšt miss even one of them.

Soda Jerks - Warm look at the developing friendship between two women in their later years with the drugstore soda fountain and jukebox as a backdrop.

Montgomery West and the Wings of Death - Wickedly funny. A giant marauding bird that steals babies and lays golden eggs. Montgomery West and sidekick come to the rescue.

Portrait of a Filmmaker - A two-minute visual and musical masterpiece to be savored.

Delivered, Guaranteed and Confidential - Hitman sinks into insanity until reality disappears.

Say What? - Transcription takes on new dimensions.


Silver Cattle - If you ever wondered where all those shopping carts go...

Murder Act One - Classic murder fantasy with excellent music.

No Surrender - Indigenous woman fighting unseen attacker - Vivid dance and music merge.

Sketches - Mysterious artist saves lives by sketching those in need.

Chapter 2:How to Breathe - Lovely short film from Korea - A young boy adapts to the pressures of the surroundings he is born into.

Brief Encounter - Young woman, young man in the laudromat - beautifully shot and edited.

Chromatic Fantasy -- It is hard to classify this film, something that makes it all the more beautiful. Rozanna, world class violist, performs and visualizes one of the greatest classical music works of all time - J. S. Bachšs Chromatic Fantasy.

PREMIERE - Rozanna will premiere her newest film at the Park City Film Music Festival -
Sweet Thunder

F E A T U R E L E N G T H F I L M S & D O C U M E N T A R I E S



A young musician, caught between his desire to pursue music full-time and is security-driven father and fiance, Ņswingsæ his life around after lessons from a beautiful woman in a mysterious club. This film features Jonathan Winters, Jacqueline Bisset, Tom Skerritt, Barry Bostwick, Mindy Cohn, and the late Nell Carteršs final film appearance. In addition to seeing a wonderful film, you will not want to miss two beautiful singing performances by Ms. Carter.



Very funny film! Hopelessly in love with the former prom queen, the Johnson canšt get near her without having an embarassing accident. Combined with another funny subplot, this film is thoroughly enjoyable. Chris Valenti is super as "Sensitive" Johnson.

Adult Content



Light-hearted lesbian romance - Young woman falls in love with her best friend. Beautifully filmed and acted with excellent music - Mango Kiss was a surprise hit at the Santa Fe Film Music Festival and you will not want to miss it. The music is topnotch. Excellent acting, fine camera work as well.

Adult Content



When a young manšs wife runs off with a clown, he vows to emulate the free, swinging lifestyle of his best friend only to discover his friend may want to change his life,too.

Adult Content



Poignant and intriguing, a teenage girl and her two brothers cope with growing up while their parents are absent much of the time. A young man enters her life with his own difficult life to sort out and helps her save her sensitive but disturbed young brother. Talented director Kat Candler is also showing one of her films at Slamdance this year.



Shy teacher challenges and inspires a young man talented in art to seek help to overcome his limitations. Beautiful musical score by Kathy Haggerty.



An illegal immigrant is forced to take his young daughter and run from police after accidentally killing a child while driving a borrowed truck. A woman reporter joins the two, chronicalizing the struggle in an effort to save the man and his young daughter. Strong, convincing acting by Jesus Nebot in this tense drama.




A Ņmust seeæ- Stylish with super editing, a moving score and compelling performances, this film craftifly weaves togethers fragments of the lives of a college acting teacher/actor and a troubled, religiously fanatical and sexually-repressed casting director into the world of independent fillm and the Sundance Film Festival. Cameos galore - extremely entertaining.

Adult Content



A music-worshipping cult is infiltrated by a spy who is trained and sent by an evil establishment dedicated to preserving a world controlled by automation. We, the audience, spend most of our time trying to figure out what is going on in the film. Filmed in a dramatically surreal, documentary style, using a mix of images, effects and music, we are compelled to watch, listen and wait to understand.




A hitman sent to kill a beautiful Russian emigrant who is working as a call girl in order to finance her college education. He falls in love with her and turns the tables. on the men trying to kill her. Cleanly filmed with a fine, complimentary score.




A woman writer is attacked by an intruder and is struck on the head. She wakes up amnesia to find that she has married a man, is going through a divorce, has written a successful novel and has no memory of any of the events she is supposed to have participated in.

Adult Content



A modern ŅSome Like it Hotæ theme whern a young songwriter must fake his own death and masquerade as a female rock diva in order to become famous, creating an inconvenient situation when he falls for a lovely lady.

Adult Language



A womanšs life is interrupted by a sad, furtive woman from her past. The mentally disturbed visitor brings back the womanšs troubled past and draws her back into her own battle with insanity.


Man Without a Name

A comedy revolving around a naive stockbroker who saves a secretive young lady in danger and ends up involved in a struggle to present a proposal to reform the UMF. Action and humor with an excelent movie score.


Burying the Past - The Mountain Meadows Massacre

Extremely moving documentary - Mormon militia posing as Indians aattacked a wagon train, faked a rescue, then massacred over one hundred members of the party en route to California. Children spared from death were kidnapped but rescued and returned to relatives. Descendants of those children join together with the descendants of the murderers in an attempt to resolve the pain and bitterness left by the tragedy.




Documentary and tribute to Cubašs answer to the ŅBeatlesæ. During the Â60šs, Los Zafiros (The Saffires) were Cubašs pop music idols. This wonderful film is a tribute by the son of one of the members of the legendary Los Zafiros, complete with footage of performances, interviews and a reunion by the two surviving members of the group.



A colorful documentary on mystical or magical methods believed by some to give the power to divine the truth. Dynamic music and striking camera work.


Išll Bury You Tomorrow

This is a classic horror flick you won't want to miss. With the look of a cult horror film, this gorey story of necrophilia, murder and abuse has enough slashing and slicing for all you horror movie fans. The music is well done and features some very fine string playing, so come join us for a late evening bloodbath.

Adult Content, Violence



A documentary about a young Swiss jazz harmonica player who has moved to New York City and is struggling to study and perfect the art of performing, and living the life of a jazz musician.